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What are the supported payrolling expenses and benefits?
What are the supported payrolling expenses and benefits?
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Moonworkers allows you to record all types of reportable expenses and benefits that you provide to your employees:

A - Assets transferred (cars, property, goods or other assets)
B - Payments made on behalf of an employee
C - Vouchers and credit cards
D - Living accommodation
E - Mileage allowance payments not taxed at source
F - Cars and Fuel
G - Vans and van fuel
H - Interest-free and low-interest loans
I - Private medical treatment or insurance
J - Qualifying relocation expenses payments and benefits
K - Services supplied
L - Assets placed at the employee’s disposal
M - Other items (including subscriptions and professional fees)
N - Expenses payments made on behalf of the employee

Benefits can be reported at the end of the year either through P11D or Payrolling of Benefits.

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