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Can I pay my rotation workers' overtime in time off in lieu?
Can I pay my rotation workers' overtime in time off in lieu?
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What is time off in lieu (TOIL) of overtime?

Time off in lieu (TOIL) of overtime is where you agree with your employee that you'll reward them for their overtime by giving them paid time off work.

Overtime and paid time off, one then the other. Confirm the agreement in writing if you agree with one of your employees that you'll pay their overtime with TOIL.

Make a copy of the agreement for your employee, and store another copy in their personnel file.

Some people will know time off in lieu of overtime as "banked" time. The concept here isn't too tricky, either—the member of staff working overtime agrees to "bank" overtime hours that they can then take off at a later date.

How to do it in Moonworkers

On Moonworkers, you can pay your shift workers' overtime with TOIL for rotation workers who have regular pay.

  1. Go to My employees

  2. Select your employee from the list

  3. Click on view

  4. Go to shift settings

  5. Scroll down to Overtime pay management section

  6. Click on Accrue overtime worked hours to TOIL and SAVE

When a regular employee part of rotation works overtime, we will automatically update their TOIL balance in the form of credit/debit of hours.

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