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What is a working pattern?
What is a working pattern?
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Work patterns are used to specify what days an employee works when they work and how much would be deducted from their entitlement if they were to have a specific day off.

Work patterns can be used if employees work set shifts every week or are on rotating shift patterns.

You may not want to use a work pattern for casual workers, as they don't have fixed hours.

This article explains how to create a new work pattern and how to assign an employee to an existing work pattern.

Go to Profile > settings > your company > working patterns.

  1. Click on add new pattern

  2. Provide a title to identify it quickly

  3. If you treat bank holidays as non-working days, select which country's holidays apply to your business. If you choose none, your employees will work on bank holidays.

  4. What bank holiday pro-rata rule shall we apply to calculate holidays. Seek assistance from an expert if you are unsure about this. Working days in period is the most common rule.

  5. Select a day to edit

  6. Enter the number of hours worked that day for this pattern

  7. Click on save

  8. Repeat the same process for each working day

  9. Click on Save

You'll be able to select this new working pattern when creating or amending an employee profile.


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