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When do I need to submit an EPS?
When do I need to submit an EPS?
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There are different scenarios where you submit the EPS. For example, you may need to adjust your payment to HMRC because you have statutory payments to recover and any related NI compensation. You may also need to let HMRC know that there’s no payment due for this month, previous months or future months.

Before you submit an EPS

Ensure you’ve processed and updated all pay periods in the relevant tax month.

Tax months run from the 6th of one month to the 5th of another, for example, 6 April to 5 May.

You can only submit an EPS from the 20th of the current month until the 19th of the following month. So, for example, Month 1 submissions can be made between 20 April and 19 May.

Submitting an EPS

  1. Complete every pay run in the tax reporting period.

  2. Go to Payroll > EPS and click on add new EPS

  1. Select the type of updates to be sent to HMRC

  2. Populate the required form

  3. Click on Create EPS

Once a submission is complete, you should check the status is successful in the Summary screen.

You can now make your actual payment as usual to HMRC.

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