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How to connect my pension provider to Moonworkers using PensionSync
How to connect my pension provider to Moonworkers using PensionSync

This tutorial explains in a few simple steps how to connect your pension provider to Moonworkers using PensionSync

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Thanks to PensionSync integration, Moonworkers allows you to connect with any UK Pension provider, including AVIVA, Smart Pension, Now: pensions, NEST, The People's Pension, and Legal and General.

By doing so, Moonworkers will streamline your operations by submitting your contributions every time you run your payroll.

Notice that there is no prior setup needed on our end. As a result, pensionSync integration is seamless for you as a user.

Go to Profile > settings > payroll > Pension schemes

  1. Click on Add a pension scheme

  2. Select Pension provider

  3. Click on the logo of your pension provider.

  4. You are invited to enter your Employer ID. You get this number from the pension provider when registering with them. You can retrieve this number when logging in to their portal.

  5. You are redirected to the PensionSync interface.

  6. Select from the menu your status. If you act as an agent on behalf of a client, such as an accountant or HR consultant, select Adviser/ Bureau from the list. If you are the employer itself, select employer.

  7. Complete the log-in with your details. They are the same you use to log in to your provider's online portal. In the example below, we used Smart Pension.

  8. You are redirected back to Moonworkers and connected.

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