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How can I create a stress profile?
How can I create a stress profile?

This feature ensures that team member scheduling limitations and stress profiles are considered when scheduling.

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Go to Profile > settings > shift management > stress profiles

  1. Click on add new profile

  2. Populate the form with the desired numbers

  3. Check the box This is the default profile if you wish to assign this profile to your new employees by default (this can be modified after that)

  4. Click on save

Maximum Hours per Shift

A shift is a timeframe in which work needs to be done in an area. Shifts can be as short or long as you need them to be, but local laws may require a specific limit. If you need to limit how long team members with this Stress Profile can be scheduled within a given shift, enter that number here.

Maximum Hours per Day

This ensures that team members with this Stress Profile aren't scheduled for more than 8 hours within any 24 hours, not calendar day (midnight to midnight).

Maximum Hours per Week

There are multiple reasons for limiting weekly work hours, like avoiding overtime pay. This number is applied to the total hours in the calendar week, based on what day your week starts within Moonworkers.

Maximum Days per Week

This field allows you to decide how many days per week this type of team member should work. Five days per week is typical, but team members with this Stress Profile may need to be able to work more or less than that. For this example, this type of part-time team member shouldn't work more than four days a week, based on when the scheduled week starts.

Minimum Hours between Shifts (Overnight)

Make sure your team members get rest between shifts by setting the minimum hours between the end of the first shift, and the beginning of the next.

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