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How can I create an overtime payment rule?
How can I create an overtime payment rule?

Overtime payment rules are helpful to automate overtime calculation methods.

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You will need to create rules if you decide to pay for employees' overtime. Overtime payment rules work as multipliers of the base salary.

Example: John typically works 7 hours on Monday at £10 per hour for Employer XYZ. Last Monday, he worked for 8 hours instead. Employer XYZ has created an overtime payment rule for that situation. As a result, employees earn 50% more than their regular rate for every extra hour worked. So last Monday, John's salary was as follow:

Standard hours: 7 hours x £10 = £70

Overtime: 1 hour x (£10 x 1.5) = £15

Total: £70 + £15 = £85

Go to Profile > settings > shift management > Overtime pay rules

  1. Click on add a rule

  2. Add a title so you can easily remember when to apply this rule

  3. Add a pay code: it can be anything as long as it is short and can easily be remembered when mapping your nominal codes

  4. Add your hourly rate multiplier. It can only be a number.

  5. Click on save

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