Moonworkers is not a job board. You can't wait for candidates to apply to your job listing. You directly hunt for the right talent and send offers.

1. Pick a position

Some Talent may have more than one specialisation. For instance, an Assistant to the Director might be both a First and Second assistant depending on the project type. Use the dropdown menu to select the position you are looking for.

2. Create or Edit a job description

You can create job descriptions for later use by completing all the necessary fields. This information will help Talent to make sure they are relevant for the job you need to be done. You can find additional information here regarding addresses.

3. Pick a job description

Once you have a job description saved, you can select the most relevant one from the dropdown menu on the left side. 

4. Ask Talent to respond within

This optional field allows you to set a timer if your matter is urgent. Once timed out your offer will disappear from talent's notifications. 

5. Select your dates and times

You can select specific dates and times to match your shoots whether they are consecutive or not.

You can move from month-to-month by clicking on the arrows around the name of the month.

To select a date you can either click on the number directly or using the blue tag icon line up on the right side to pick an entire week. You can remove any individual date and week by performing the same action again.

6. Bid!

Moonworkers allows you to negotiate Talents' rate when they are open it. To do so, you can tweak the number inside the "bidding" field.

  • If you bid under the Talent's minimum threshold, the field automatically becomes red and your bid falls refused right away

  • If your bid falls between Talent's minimum and base rates, the field turns orange

  • If your bid meets Talent's base rate or above, the fields becomes green

7. Save or Send

If you decide to click on save, your booking offer will be saved in your shortlist. You'll be able to send or delete at any time later on.

When you click on send, Talent receive a notification of your offer instantly. You'll get notified as soon as they accept, refuse or negotiate.

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